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C16 Home Theater Portable Projector, Short Throw Projector, Support System Customized


C16 Home Theater Portable Projector, Short Throw Projector, Support System Customized

1 Support HD 4k resolution: C16 is a projector that presents high-definition image quality, vivid details, and exceptionally high brightness. Although its resolution is only 720p, it supports 4k decoding, and the video playback interface is quite vivid and high-definition, with sufficient brightness, up to 150 lumens, and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Even in bright indoor light, it can still perform extremely well.
2 Support Multiple interfaces:HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm headphone jack interfaces. HDMI interface can connect devices such as computers, players, game consoles, etc. USB interfaces are usually used to connect external devices such as USB drives, portable hard drives, etc., and can also be used to charge some devices. The AV interface is used to transmit analog video and audio signals. The 3.5mm headphone jack can be used to connect headphones or external audio devices for sound output or input.





    Projection system:

    2.69” LCD TFT display

    Physical resolution:


    Max Supported Resolution:

    4K(Android version only)


    150 ANSI lumens / 4,500 lumen

    Contrast Ratio:


    Throw ratio:

    1.33 :1

    Size (Projected):

    18” - 230”

    Projection Distance:


    Keystone Correction:

    NO/Android version support 9D correction

    Lens focus:


    Built-in speaker:



    65W / 110-240V

    Input ports:

    Audio Out, HDMI, USB, AV


    23 languages


    Bluetooth 4.0


    1. Android/IOS Miracast

    2. Android 10.0 system

    (2.4G/5G dual WIFI, Airplay/IOS/Wireless)

    Frequency range:

    2.400-2.483GHz 5.150-5.250 GHz



    Our projector system comes in three different versions. The basic version has the most basic projection function, which can stably and clearly present the image, meeting the daily simple projection needs, and the price is relatively affordable; On this basis, the projection version has added a convenient projection function, allowing you to easily project content from mobile phones, computers, and other devices wirelessly onto the projection screen, achieving a richer display of content at a slightly higher price; The Android version is the most powerful, as it is equivalent to having a complete Android system built-in, with a massive number of applications and rich functional extensions. You can freely install various software and enjoy the ultimate intelligent experience. Of course, its price is also the highest among the three versions. We also provide customization services, where you can choose the version that suits you according to your own needs and budget. At the same time, you can also customize and adjust the functions of each version to better meet your personalized requirements.