Slim and portable, leading you into the era of large screens

Our brand-new projector takes you experiencing large images within reach.

In this new era in the projector industry, we are very proud to present a brand new projector called UX-C16. No matter its shape design or the entire projector system, it has won high satisfaction and appreciation from the majority of users.

First, the UX-C16′s exterior design has been carefully crafted, combining modern aesthetics with practicality. It adopts the idea of simple and stylish design, as well as uses high-quality materials for shells, which increases the durability of the projector.

Not only that, UX-C16 also has excellent projection effects and high-performance system configuration. Being Equipped with advanced projection technology and a high-brightness light source, which secure C16 a clearer, brighter and more delicate picture quality. Whether it is a business presentation, home theater or educational scene, users can enjoy a pleasing visual experience.

The UX-C16 features a wide range of connectivity options and smart features. It supports a variety of input interfaces, such as HDMI, USB, VGA, etc. Users can easily connect various external devices to expand the application field of projection. In addition, UX-C16 also support miracast function, users can wirelessly project contents to the large screen through mobile phones or tablets, to achieve more convenient sharing and communication.

With a friendly user interface and easy-to-use operation methods, UX-C16 can indeed meet the high requirements of users for projectors. We believe that it will be your ideal partner for business display, family entertainment and education. For professional or an ordinary user, UX-C16 is a superexcellent choice to bring them an impressive projection experience.


About YOUXI TECH, we have a complete production line and strictly control every aspect, from design drawings to assembly, which ensures the quality and consistency of our products. Moreover, we use environmentally friendly materials to reduce our impact on the environment, which aligns with the modern society’s demand for sustainable development. Additionally, there is a growing demand from consumers for eco-friendly products.


Post time: Oct-10-2023

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