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 Fresh guide on routine projector maintenance that your customers might find useful.

1. Keep the lens both dust-proof and scratch-proof

You should always pay attention to dust-proof to prevent the optical system from absorbing dust. It is important not to wipe the lens casually, so as not to scratch or leave fingerprints, watermarks, or oil stains. When cleaning, use special lens tissue or soft dust-free cloth. If there is dust, do not blow it directly with your mouth; use a hair dryer or a balloon blower tool to clean it up.

2. Cleaning and maintenance of the air intake


It’s important for the optimal operation of the projector. It is recommended to use a soft brush such as a toothbrush to clean the air inlet. When cleaning, pay attention to the wall of the air inlet facing down, so as not to brush dust into the inside of the projector. For more thorough cleaning, you can also purchase a small handheld vacuum.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of the shell

When cleaning the projector case, it is recommended to use a non-woven cloth or cloth similar to the glasses cleaning. You can wipe the case with alcohol or a professional cleaner. For dead corners and crevices, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe, but be careful not to use corrosive cleaning agents.


4. There are several daily use considerations that are important to ensure the longest possible lifespan of your projector.

When using a projector, be sure to keep the projector away from moisture and heat sources. If an unexpected power outage occurs during use, allow the projector to cool down for 5-10 minutes before restarting. The interval between switching on and off should be at least 5 minutes. Although the projector can be used continuously, it is recommended to control the use time within four hours each time to prolong the service life of the projector lamp. Paying attention to keeping the air inlet and outlet clear will also help to better heat dissipation. If you need to change your mounting method, it's important to remember to handle it with care when moving locations.

These standard usage methods will ensure the best use of the projector and the life of the lamp. Our projectors all use LED light sources, and there is no need to consider cleaning or replacing bulbs for daily use.


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