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Case Products

If you like to enjoy watching TV shows indoors quietly, we recommend you consider our UX-C03. This projector has a compact and generous design with rounded corners, making it look stable and full. The soft light makes the picture clearer and brighter, while supporting 1080P high-definition resolution. It weighs only 785 grams, making it very convenient to carry around every corner, whether indoors or outdoors. In addition, it also has multiple input port connections and a 1.37:1 projection ratio, allowing for ultra-large screen projection. Due to these features, choosing UX-C03 is very suitable.
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This UX-C11 projector looks great and is especially suitable for business office environments. It has 1080P resolution and 300 ANSI Lumens brightness, supports 4K image quality, and can project 32-300-inch images, which can meet the needs of different offices. In addition, the atmospheric high-end design and efficient honeycomb heat dissipation vent design can increase its appeal. Judging from user feedback, UX-C11 is becoming more and more popular, and constant upgrades and updates also demonstrate the competitiveness of the product. In general, if it is a business office scenario, choosing UX-C11 is very suitable.
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Our UX-C16 is not only suitable for indoor use, it also meets outdoor needs well and is easily portable whether in the garden or camping.  With 65W power and 4500 lumens high brightness, it supports 4K resolution, ensuring excellent clarity even outdoors. This projector is not only stable in performance, but also suitable for various indoor entertainment occasions. It can project the desired image on the wall or curtains. In addition to this, it is also compatible with a variety of devices such as external audio, mobile phones, computers and TV boxes. Depending on your room size, the projection size can be adjusted from 18 inches to 230 inches at a distance of 0.5-3.6 meters. We also pay special attention to the portability of the product, adopting smaller size and lighter weight, and paying more attention to detail processing and material selection, enhancing its sense of innovation and sophistication to meet the needs of different consumer groups. If you have doubts about choosing indoor and outdoor projection products, you might as well choose our UX-C16 to give it a try.
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