About Us


Youxi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2021. The branch company of Guangdong Tianhao Technology Co., LTD. After ten years of accumulation in Dongguan and Shenzhen, it has gradually developed from a simple trading import and export company into a centralized enterprise integrating research and development, sales and production.

Company Profile

Now we are specializing in Projection display products and related technology.

In the initial development stage of the company, we focus on the research and development of micro projectors, and plan to carry out the development and expansion of related products and business(such as digital dispaly) for the next step.due to the complete supply chain and efficient logistic we can rely on .
Youxi Tech has established a solid reputation in the Chinese suppliers by big efforts we made during transactions for mutual benefits each time .

The best reason to stay with us

First, How do we bind to our production line?

We have a share cooperation relationship with our supporting factories, depending on the degree of cooperation, there are different shares and we can unify the orders of different customers of the same product into any one of our factories for production. If the total quantity is large, we can control the cost accordingly with our factory for a very favorable price. And can be unified arrangement of delivery.

Second, we have the ability to place an order to any one of our production line. therefore, flexible delivery date is available. If the production progress of factory A is slow, but the progress of B factory is fast, it can still meet the requirements of different customers on the delivery date and ensure the normal delivery. But if the customer orders from our factory directly,and it’s happening to be the production season,you may have to wait and wait according to your quantity and payment proportion.

Third, the payment method of us is much more flexible. We focus more on our deals with customers overseas, so we have a lot of exporting experiences to help customers avoid some risks in advance, and after many years accumulation, we can understand the real needs of our clients.we are patient with helping customers to find a way to deal with the problems on a large scale. And nearly all kinds of payment methods are acceptable. Regardless of the amount, you can have a reasonable collection channel to ensure that the order goes through. Ensure your goods quality and documents complete as well.

Fourth, whether you are a large customer or not, you will be always respected by our team, because we have been in exporting industry over ten years,we have mastered different culture worldwide during transactions. Therefore, compared with our factory,we can be a good steward to you. If you are not respected by our factory due to the little profit,we will regard you as our honorable client to supply kinds of assistance. Cause we focus more on building stable,long-term relationship with you. And we are able to do so. Even if the profit is high. factory will not do it because of the cost of the machine. As you know,the machines in our country had been upgraded a lot!

Fifth, most factories have advantages only with one or two types of products,but when your needs is very mixed, it is best to find us, we will help you to reasonably distribute orders to cooperate with several factories, and then manage our manufacturers. Thus saving your valuable time and take the risks.

If you are a customer, do you prefer to negotiate with multiple manufacturers for an order, or do you prefer to negotiate with only one person,especially the team who knows the whole market?

All in all,stay with us,you will get more benefits:

1, Effectively integrated

2, More information can be absorbed faster

3, Creat more commercial value,additional values.

4, Flexibility with order and services.

5, Gain a family team in China.

Development history



In April 2015, Dongguan Tihao Trading Co., LTD was established. The main business include: hardware accessories, textiles, electronic equipments and other products import and export business, exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, re-purchase rate is high, had won the trust of customers to the greatest extent.



In May 2019, our company changed name to Dongguan Tihao Electronics for development needs, and participated in the most famous consumer electronics exhibition in the United States in early 2020.



During 2020, we have applied for a number of product patents, EU and UK trademarks. And finally named as Guangdong Tianhao Technology Co., LTD., the main business is import and export of lithium battery.



In April 2021, Youxi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was established. With a good supply chain and quality supplier background, we are mainly engaged in consumer electronic products, and now we are deeply engaged in micro projection products. Due to years of experience in the production chain, I have greatly improved my ability to deal with cost, quality and various complicated situations.Suitable for overseas medium and small enterprises to establish long-term, friendly partnership.

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