Manufacturing Display



1)Our factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China,Surrounded by a rich source of raw materials, such as solution company, pcb board,power board supply,mold,plastic injection,optical parts supply, ect. Taking the unique logistics advantages on a large scale.



 Covering an area of 4000 square meters. The factory is equipped with production, injection molding, assembly, and testing workshops with large volume.After the recent large-scale adjustment and screening, there are about more than 100 qualified assembly workers which are reasonably distributed in different departments and all with good professional & ethical quality.

Modern workshop for production and assembly, we introduce the most advanced manufacturing equipment, CNC machines, high-end test instruments. In order to meet our clients’ different requirements, we set the workshops based on 5S standard dust-free available for every unit of product. , our monthly production and assembly capacity is up to 50000 units!


Supply Chain

The mold and injection molding workshop is located on the first floor of the factory, equipped with sophisticated digital machines above conventional market standards to ensure a good foundation for each product.


Testing department

In order to ensure the performance of each machine, it is more possible to control the after-sale defect rate for customers, we have equipped two groups of test rooms, a total of 12 test rooms, by professional and senior quality inspectors to test the incoming material, the first inspection after finishing assembly, and sample inspection before shipment


Aging Test

The aging test room is next to the functional test room in order to improve work efficiency and reduce work errors, and can allow at least 200 machines for aging test at the same time.


Storage Ability

In the end,let’s take a look at our warehouse, which occupies a quarter of the whole area, equivalent with nearly one thousand square meters of the warehouse, considering the high production capacity, order season there may be some customer can not arrange shipment immediately, we expanded it to provide customers with flexible delivery time. In addition, the surrounding storage facilities are very perfect, such as a surge in orders, temporary warehousing can be added easily and cost controllable.


Thanks Notice

The above is the introduction of the main departments of our production line, thank you very much for your patience to see the end, if you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message to us, our professional technical or sales staff will answer your questions as soon as possible. I hope we'll see you there again!


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