Case 2

"The sample you sent is broken" -from Mr. Singh

When I was about to leave work, I received this message from Mr. Singh- the manager of an enterprise specializing in regional projector supply in India. We have made sufficient preparations for this sample delivery.

As a reference for product quality, sample determines the first impression of a certain product. After passing the test, sample will be usually seem as the production standard for subsequent batch orders. Obviously a problem with the sample is a very serious matter, Mr Singh found it very difficult to accept.

There are many reasons for "sample broken": product quality problems, improper packaging, bad transportation, improper use; In order to solve the problem in the first place, I immediately contacted Mr. Singh on WhatsApp and ask if it was convenient to communicate the details of the damage, but at this point we seemed to be "dishonest", so he refused my request. 

We have been actively seeking communication, and promise to resolve this issue in 24 hours. Two days later Mr. Singh filmed a video and explained that the machine’s screen would go off after connecting to AV. Once confirming the problem, we tested the model of projector under the guidance of the engineer, and finally found that there was function button in the remote control, we call it button A, whose icon design was very similar to menu button, which might confused people. But click on button A while connecting AV would lead to screen goes dark when the machine was running. 

In order to solve this problem, we immediately took measures to adjust the remote control solution and made a detailed guide to the remote control function. With Mr. Singh's approval, we sent the updated sample free of charge again by the most quickly express to save time.

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