The projector market has been rapidly expanded in recent years, and it has gradually become a trend product in the forefront of consumer electronics. Especially the smart home projector market after the COVID-19 epidemic has shown a recovery in 2021, and is heading for a new journey. 

In fact, projectors have become an important role in our life quite a long time ago. We usually regard them as machines for teaching and playing movies in cinemas. The first time I had a cognition of "projectors" was in an advertisement. In its place is a portable, refined look, mini, versatile. I was attracted by it deeply, and was so lucky to get into this field as a job in 2020 

I enjoyed so much in this work, and we are a very professional team. who is very professional in projector technology, research and development, structure and market. In the continuous practice and communication with our customers overseas, we continue to introduce new products that meet their needs, at the same time improve professional knowledge and optimize the production line, so as to better serve our valuable customers. 

The first customer I contacted was a professional consumer electronics company from the Netherlands. We can call him Mr. Michael. He was a very experienced consumer electronics expert who was very interested in an LCD product on our website and contacted us. Our team immediately communicated with Michael and learned that they have been operating mini dlp and laser projectors for a long time. 

We are engaged in two different projectors, including LCD and DLP. As a traditional physical imaging, LCD is excellent in color processing, and this technology has been very mature and widely accepted by the market. DLP is a digital imaging product with better portability and superior contrast ratio, which can be better used in the commercial field. However, due to the influence of chip supply, its cost fluctuates greatly. 

We immediately recorded demo videos with several products, and made very clear tables that comprehensively compared appearance, interface, function, performance and price. Michael was very interested in LCD projectors, but also had some concerns about whether the new product would bring value

we got the opportunity to have a video conference with Michael and proposed three different solutions according to his market after a discussion with our team. Finally, we achieved our first cooperation through trial marketing order. We offer a free custom service as support. 

Soon after, Micheal emailed to us and told : "the product is very popular in our market." We cherish this opportunity very much and we respect him so much! Through this cooperation, we have maintained a very friendly and stable cooperative relationship. At the same time, we have summarized very valuable experience, which can provide reference for the subsequent optimization.

Please leave your valuable information for the further service from us,thanks!