Our Story

“welcome to visit us from our story”

Youxi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.  was established in April 2021. After ten years of accumulation through tianhao technology in Dongguan and Shenzhen, we had gradually developed from a simple trading import and export company into a centralized enterprise integrating research and development, sales and production. 

At present, we focus on the segmentation market LCD technology micro projectors, and plan to carry out the development and expansion of related products and business(such as digital dispaly) in the future, which was totally based on the stable & complete supply chain and efficient logistics we can rely on.

Youxi Tech has established a solid reputation in the Chinese suppliers by big efforts we made during transactions for mutual benefits each time .


“The best reason to stay with us”

First, How do we manage our production line

We have a share cooperation relationship with our supporting factories(3-4 different styles with different advantages,) the share including raw materials,core technology of the products.and any other aspects of our work, so we can unify the orders of different customers of the same product into any one of our factories for production, and the quality can be controlled well to its largest extent . 

Second, we have the ability to arrange production more efficient and flexible, which means flexible delivery date is available.thus, to meet the requirements of different customers on the delivery date and ensure the normal delivery will be undercontrol. Please email to us for more informations. 

Third, the payment method of us is much more flexible. We focus more on our deals with customers overseas, so we have a lot of exporting experiences to help customers avoid risks in advance, and after many years ’accumulation, we can understand the real needs of our clients. we are patient enough with helping customers to solving the problems. Main payment methods and kinds of currencies are acceptable. Regardless of the amount, you can have a reasonable collection channel to ensure that your order goes through. Ensure your goods quality and documents complete as well to prevent further risks. 

Fourth, whether you are a large customer or not, you will be always respected by our team, because we have been in exporting industry over ten years,and have mastered different culture worldwide during transactions. Therefore,we can always provide our professional service at every aspects of the process.Cause we focus more on building stable, long-term relationship with you rather than the profit for one order. And we are capable of doing so. 

Fifth, when your needs is very mixed, it is best to find us, we will help you to reasonably distribute orders to its most suitable lines. Thus can saving your valuable time and energy. 

All in all, stay with us, you will get more benefits: 

1, Effectively integrated

2, More information can be absorbed faster

3, Creat more commercial value,additional values.

4, Flexibility with order and services.

5, Gain a family team in China. 

Please leave your valuable information for the further service from us,thanks!