Clear and delicate, true to color: Explore the wonderful visual world of 4K projectors

A 4K projector is a projection device capable of presenting high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and high color reproduction. Its resolution is generally 3840 x 2160, which is four times that of ordinary high-definition projectors, and can present more detailed and realistic images.  4K projectors are used in a wide range of fields, such as cinema projections, stadiums, educational institutions, business presentations, and more. At the same time, it is also very suitable for consumer markets such as home theaters, providing users with more high-definition and better viewing experience. However, compared to ordinary projectors, the price of 4K projectors and the cost of standard accessories are higher.

Apart from high resolution, a good 4K projector should also have high brightness and accurate color reproduction. High brightness allows the projected image to be clear and visible even in bright environments, while accurate color reproduction can present true colors, better reflecting the creativity and imagination of the film director.


The UX-C11 is an excellent projector that can meet customers’ needs for high definition and long-term use. Not only does it have excellent 4K and 1080P high-definition resolution, but its LED lamp with a service life of more than 50,000 hours is also very durable, and its service life can be longer than that of general bulb-type projectors. At the same time, this projector also pays great attention to cost performance, and the price is relatively low. I believe it can save customers money and provide a better projection experience. If you need a projector with high cost performance, long service life and high resolution, it is strongly recommended that you consider the UX-C11.

In addition, UX-11 is also equipped with an automatic correction function, which can automatically detect and adjust the horizontal and vertical ratio of the image to ensure that the size and ratio of the image are always in the best state, without manual adjustment, which greatly improves the user experience . Whether placed in front of a flat surface or suspended from the ceiling, the UX-11′s auto-calibration function can easily adapt to various environments to bring users the best viewing effects.

For those users who use the projector for a long time, an efficient cooling system is extremely important.  UX-11 is equipped with a high-efficiency heat dissipation buckle, which can quickly reduce the temperature of the projector, and ensure that the device maintains stable performance when working for a long time, avoiding failure and damage caused by overheating. At the same time, the UX-11 also adopts a dust-proof drawer design, which isolates the projection lens and the bulb, effectively prevents dust and dirt from entering the body, and improves the stability and durability of the device, allowing users to clean and maintain it more  easily .

Very good choice! The high resolution makes the image clearer and more delicate, while the high-value appearance brings users a better experience and is more in line with modern aesthetics. Our products not only meet your visual needs, but also pay attention to the quality and function of the product itself. We attach great importance to user satisfaction and have strict requirements on product design, manufacturing and service to ensure that every user can enjoy the best product experience. Whether it’s business presentations, educational training, or home theater, our products can meet your needs. We believe that your choice will not let you down.

As a professional manufacturer, we have enough confidence to achieve the best quality of our products. Welcome to inquire!


Post time: Jun-06-2023

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