projectors have gradually become the mainstream consumer products

With the development of display technology in recent years and the increasing demand for "portability", projectors have gradually become the mainstream consumer products. which has led to a dramatic growth in the projector market segment, from the traditional technical level of LCD/DLP/3LCD/Lcos/Laser, people more focus on the function, size, use scenario and etc. Choosing the right projector from a range of several hundred to several thousand dollars has become a daunting task.


So, how do you choose the best projector? the first thing you need to know is What do you plan to use the projector for. The suitability of a projector is often determined by its configuration and environment, and the relationship between the two needs to be fully considered.

The brightness and resolution are the primary factors to consider. Brightness affects whether the projector is suitable for use in the daytime or under the lighting, “ansi” is the commonly used brightness unit. Resolution is generally recognized to link to picture quality. For LCD projectors, 600P can already show very clear images, but for higher demands, there are more options contain 720P1080p, 2k, 4k and so on. It is deserve to concern the difference between native resolution, which refers to the true playback resolution, and compatible resolution. Contrast ratio can also be understood as the ratio of black to white and it shows the color saturation of a machine. Higher contrast projectors can produce more vivid colors. Projectors designed for commercial use often have highly exaggerated colors.


Secondly, we can focus on the function, which is the basic version, the same screen version and the support system (Android, Linux, etc.) in the industry. If all you need is a player, the basic projector is the most cost-effective option, allowing you to interface and play files from other devices through it. The same screen adds the conversion function between the mobile phone and the projector, which can realize the synchronization of the mobile phone picture and the projection picture, increasing the fun of family entertainment; Of course, consumer demand is diversified, how to make a projector with the advantages of both smart phone and TV, not only can watch videos online, but also can surf the Internet, with stronger interaction? The projector with the system appeared.


Of course, there are many other factors that affect the performance of a projector, such as compatible devices/interfaces, throw ratio, power, projection size, etc. Follow our news and we will bring you more information soon


Post time: Nov-26-2022

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