Promotion of green series projectors

The environmental protection of projectors is getting more and more attention, but also pay attention to reduce the environmental impact in the production process, In addition to power loss, the machine loss of the projector is also very important.
In addition to power consumption, projector consumption also includes the machine depreciation. A performance -excellent projector is determined by many factors, such as innovative design, qualified raw material, manufacturing process, and more.
high quality materials need to confirmed be uniform particles, no color difference, no odor. Simultaneously hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance are also important factors.
The advantage of using high-quality materials is that, while ensuring the quality and durability of products, it effectively plays an environmental effect by reducing the environmental harm and repair waste of inferior raw materials.
Our projector products after a long time of optimization, product stability has been the best state, process control has been very good, the shell is made of environmentally friendly high-quality materials, good material particles are distinct, uniform, poor materials have no color, rough, odor, with high-quality materials and inferior materials to produce products, after making the whole machine, durability is very different, feel is also different.
That was last year when our new product just launched. Due to the special needs of our customers, we made improvement on our model C03 machine by adding fireproof treatment to the casing, which gave customers added protection and a great selling point. This improved our customers’ trust in our professionalism.
The design structure, and materials used are all unique and unique, including the price. If you are interested, please contact us. Thank you for your attention.

Post time: May-23-2023

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